Delight Sensation

Hey ho!

Finally, the short days-off that I’ve waited have come. Yeah, it’s only four days, but like I care.

Hmm, yesterday I still went to school and I took biology exam about growth & development of organisms plus enzymes. Thankfully, it wasn’t as difficult as I imagined before. Other than that, nothing was really important. Oh yeah, we went home earlier than usual.

Yesterday’s after-school was the moment I’d waited for. Why? Because, my friend, Afi whose birthday was last week, treated me and some other friends to pizza. Yeah, we chatted and laughed our ass off for an hour, slightly more probably. Thank you very, very much, Afi 🙂

Pizza Hut Tebet

(clockwise left to right) Me, Gina, Afi, Tia

So, today I’ve got nothing to do. My sister’s out with her friends and surely they’re having fun.  I’m so jealous on her :(. I have lessons tutorial later in the afternoon; to be honest I’m too lazy to go there! But, what can I say? Okay, I really must go to the cinema ASAP because it seems like the now-playing movies are pretty interesting.


And lately, I’m stuck with GRE, GMAT, SAT, ACT, TOEFL, IELTS and PTE practice books because I’m very serious about me heading towards Yale. Yeah, I am, I am 100% sure about my choice, nothing can stand in my way. I recently changed my Blackberry’s wallpaper into Yale’s front-yard picture to motivate me each and everyday, to remind me about my mission until I can proudly say to myself, “Mission Acomplished” 🙂

Arrivederci, dudes!

Aldhin xx


11 Comments on “Delight Sensation”

  1. gina says:

    biology was not difficult? whoo!
    you forgot something. we gossiped so hard. lol.
    btw i want the rest of the photos. send to me later.

  2. tyapratiwi says:

    aldhin, ga ke fkui dhin ? yaudah dhin, lo ke yale aja mengurangi saingan hehehhe ga deng

  3. Aldhin says:

    @tsurayya it was just about time that we talked about different things haha

  4. tsurayya says:

    TRUE! she will be one of my highschool memories (tsaah)

  5. Aldhin says:

    @gina @tsurayya yeah. she has “special” place deep down inside our brain

  6. tsurayya says:

    hey ‘someone’, whoever you are, whatever you will be (singer, actrees, or maybe doctor), you’ll always be here *touch forehead (LOL)

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