Anthologie de la D&G

I’m urgently in need of a new bottle of perfume and I think this one below will fit me:

Anthology [6]

D&G: Anthology (photographed by Mario Testino)

And I want the L’Amoureux 6 which is portrayed by Noah Mills:

Noah Mills for Anthology by D&G


The scent is created through the combination of spices and musk that consist of: bergamot, juniper, pink pepper, birch leaf, cardamom and orris heart, with a wood and musk base. I can guess that it is really charming, you know, the fragrance. It is sold at price roughly around USD 65 to USD 75. I’m wondering if it’s already available here, considering the fact that it was first launched quite some months ago. Oh yeah, speaking of the ads, I think they are zuper zexy lol 😛 I cannot love it any other way around 😀 I always adore Mario Testino’s works; he’s just incredibly a genius, needless to say!

Aldhin xx

p.s. Sorry for my absence, readers 😦 I know, I miss y’all so crazy until I’ve got no words to describe it.


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