Crossing The Yellow Borders


[picture above] New Haven police, Connecticut state police and the FBI search for evidence in a trash container near the building where a Yale student’s body was found. (By Douglas Healey — Associated Press)

Two days ago, the news about “Yale Murder Mystery”, involving one of its grad students, Annie Le, leaked.

The story is hugely shocking since her dead body was found inside a wall at a Yale Medical School building.  I mean, who would’ve thought that a murder can be occurred in such a prestigious and fully guarded university, like Yale? And do you know what’s more tragic than that? She was murdered at the exact day when she was supposed to get married with her sweetheart.

This is really weird, isn’t it? Especially, what we’re talking about here is Yale. It’s not just some random colleges, it is a university which is ranked second across the States and ranked fourth throughout the globe.

And rumours that spread among people say that it is her colleague who is highly suspected of murdering her. They say that he had a crush on her so when he heard that she was getting married, he simply couldn’t take it. Plus, her friends at Yale say that Annie Le was close to perfection with her ability to balance her school, social life and not to mention love life; she was intelligent, driven and destined for greatness. After hearing what her friends say about her, she just did not deserve an ending like this. Yeah, it’s totally normal to be jealous of someone like her, but to kill her? No, I don’t think so, that’s just too much.


Anne Le, when she was still alive

At first, when I heard this news, I thought it was racial considering the fact that she was Asian. In fact, it was purely because of romance issue, jealousy needless to say. I mean, if it really is her colleague who killed her, then he must be questioned. Why? Come on, he’s also a Yale student who’s without a doubt a very intellectual human being. But, do you think that killing somebody is something that any genius like him would do? A big no-no because it is  a very, very idiotic, stupid act to be committed.

Lastly, I hope the police can find the killer soon so no more murders happen there. And also it’s very crucial to the students because it will affect them whether they feel it or not. Many students want to get into Yale,  including myself here, and this news will affect them, too. So, it does not only affect the people in it, but also kazillion outsiders.

Additionally, it’s a priceless lesson for all of the universities and colleges across the States or probably throughout the globe that security is the number one priority in order to run the university matters. We all don’t want to see them to be frightening because of some murder activities and undoubtedly it will change our point of view on how we look at them. Isn’t it scary enough to be a student in uni without knowing that your school was once a crime scene?

America, you’ve just lost one of your shining stars if you need to be reminded once and for all.

Okay, since I live Indonesia, I want to relate this issue to another one that unfortunately happened to one of  Indonesian students who studied abroad.

david widjaja

David Widjaja in memoriam

In Indonesia, not so long ago something similar to this criminal case happened. Indonesians, do you remember David Widjaja who was the student of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and God-knows-what was done to him? I’m sure you do. It was a very well-known case among all of us because it was very complicated between the university, claiming that it was a suicidal-act, and his family that was sure that something wrong, really wrong had happened. I still don’t know how it ends, but the thing is that this one is much more arduous yet so vague.

What about justice here? Don’t even think about it ’cause not even close; it is as if the educational matters had turned into political issue. Therefore, it was not between the university and his family anymore, it was then between Singapore and Indonesia. That’s a big disappointment because his family couldn’t say a thing to stand up for his son; regardless what they said, it wouldn’t be even looked at.

Both Yale University and Nanyang Technological University are the world’s highly respected universities. And honestly, we have no idea that something unacceptably wrong can occur there. Logically, they should be very peaceful, harmonic places to study with no very fatal wrongdoings whatsoever. But, life is just life, school is just school. The one who runs school is just a human being and human being makes errors most of the time.

My main point here is students’ protection cannot be taken lightly; it’s very serious, dude! Most universities now only think about the investment, the money without thinking what they must give to their students, the rights that students deserve to receive. And to be honest, I think that condition is just pathetic. They’re educational institutions, not banks or stock exchange. They have to re-evaluate their fundamental job and once they’ve done it, things are going to be just fine.

That’s the very least that I can think of this quite phenomenal issue. Feel free to give some comment here 🙂

p.s. may they rest is peace


2 Comments on “Crossing The Yellow Borders”

  1. tsurayya says:

    good post with a hard topic hehehe. i hope that ‘accident’ won’t change ur mind about ‘being a Yale student’ dhin 🙂

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