Well well well, situation comedy or preferably called sitcom has been enjoyed by many people around the world. Personally, I prefer watching sitcoms to watching movies because sitcoms are simultaneous, they have seasons and continuation. And  they are just too lovable even the ones have been ended years ago.

What I’m trying to write here are the sitcoms that I promise I will never ever forget. Trust me, the DVD collection of all of them is still complete in my shelf. And, here’s the list.

5. Everybody Loves Raymond


1996 – 2005 (9 seasons)

– America’s first family of comedy begins their last season! –

4. Seinfeld


1990 – 1998 (9 seasons)

– It’s a show about nothing –

3. Malcolm in the Middle


2000 – 2006 (7 seasons)

– A gifted young teen tries to survive with his dimwitted, dysfunctional family –

2. Will & Grace


1998 – 2006 (8 seasons)

– Where there’s a Will there’s a Grace –

1. Friends


1994 – 2004 (10 seasons)

– You can never have enough Friends! –

And to me, Will & Grace and Friends are the most brilliant, hysterical and hilarious TV series ever made in the history.

Will, Grace, Jack and Karen, you all four are the most random people ever grouped in a circle of mates. You show us that gays and straights can go along beautifully.

Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Monica, Ross and Joey, you all six are picture perfect of friendship. You give it a real definition, not just an ambiguous word.


2 Comments on “TiVo”

  1. chita says:

    FRIENDS! setujuu banged diiiin hehe

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