Out and Proud

I just did some browsing on the net to find some reading materials since I’m kinda run out of novels here. I still need entr’acte between the intensity of myself reading school-related stuff, you know.

And this novel below really caught my attention and I am pretty much keen on it. Plus, I found the excerpt of its first chapter on Amazon and I’ve got to say that this piece of writing must have something more to offer later in following chapters.

Here it is:

Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan ©2003

Grade 8 Up-High school sophomore Paul lives in a present-day gaytopia, where boys come out of the closet to become class president, and the Gay-Straight Alliance has more members than the football team. The cheerleaders ride Harleys, and the cross-dressing homecoming queen is also the star quarterback. Paul meets artistic Noah in the bookstore. They pass notes rife with meaningful detail; paint in Noah’s psychedelic, art-covered room; and fall in sweet, realistic teenage love, unencumbered by gay bashing, sexual-identity crises, and parental rejection. With these real-world plot constraints removed, the narrative is driven completely by colorful, literate characters at their unfettered best. Paul is the cerebral teen’s dream narrator-reflective and insightful, occasionally snarky, and consistently hilarious. Levithan’s whimsical, energetic prose and surreal setting draw comparisons to Weetzie Bat-era Francesca Lia Block. The sharp humor and thoughtful clarity of the narration are on par with those in Stephen Chbosky’s The Perks of Being a Wallflower (MTV, 1999) and Ellen Wittlinger’s Hard Love (S & S, 1999). Levithan’s prophecy of a hate-free world in which everyone loves without persecution makes this a provocative and important read for all young adults, gay or straight.
Johanna Lewis, New York Public Library


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