Fortune Cookies

Taken from Forbes’s The World’s Billionaires, as of March 2010


#258 Michael Hartono & R. Budi Hartono $3.5 bil (each)

#316 Martua Sitorus $3.0 bil

#437 Peter Sondakh $2.2 bil

#536 Sukanto Tanoto $1.9 bil

#828 Low Tuck Kwong $1.2 bil

#937 Chairil Tanjung $1.0 bil

all of the above are Indonesian

Wait, someone’s missing, seriously; he should’ve made it to the list. A well-known conglomerate in Indonesia. He has a family business run by him and his brothers. He’s also a politician. His children are considered as Indonesian socialites, notoriously talked about necessarily speaking. He was ranked 6th, 1st, 9th, and 4th on Forbes’s Indonesian 40 Richest from 2006 to 2009 with net-worth (in billion) $1.2; $5.4; $0.85; $2.5 respectively. He’s also responsible for the ‘Lapindo’ incident. Does that ring you a bell? Come on, he’s Aburizal Bakrie.

Well, I wonder how the upcoming wedding of his son, Anindra Ardiansyah Bakrie, with Nia Ramadhani affects his family fortune since rumour has it that it will be one of the biggest wedding ever held in Indonesia. Putting those things aside, I’m pretty sure he can resurge from the loss no matter how hard it is.


2 Comments on “Fortune Cookies”

  1. Tsurayya says:

    hahahaha do you think the Bakries (i almost mistyped it as the Bakeries :P) will go bankrupt because of the wedding? 😀

  2. Aldhin says:

    @Tsurayya: I don’t think it will make him go to bankruptcy. But, one way another it has its own particular influence. Btw, I also had difficulties in writing ‘Bakrie’ hahaha 😛

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