Strings Attached

Typically, when you’re entering a relationship with someone, you don’t know for sure what you’ll get, what will happen next. You may only make plans and expect for the best to occur in the future of it. However, what if you already know the end of it? By knowing here, it’s not just about making a wild guess. It obviously doesn’t have a fairy tale ending, it’s going to be so brutally agonizing. Would you still want to be in it? Or what if you’re already in it? Is love really that blind? Is it really that intoxicated until you’re defiant enough wanting to take the worst case scenario? And personally speaking, no, I don’t think anyone’s a fool when it comes to loving someone whom they care about so much, whom they are crazy over, whom they are falling for. At the end of the day, it’s just the matter of wishing, wanting, and waiting. Not to mention making our best efforts, whatever it takes at all costs, to protect what we have now.

It’s just, we can’t help this crazy little thing. It’s too hard to resist, it’s just too compelling.

picture taken from crash into me.


2 Comments on “Strings Attached”

  1. iedo radityo says:

    never get bored with your blog, aldhin. keep blogging!

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