every february you’ll be my valentine…

I, at least for now and few days to come, seriously can’t stop listening to the cover version of Teenage Dream performed by Dalton Academy Warblers in Glee season two episode of Never Been Kissed. Those guys really make this song somehow sound more poignant I might say compared to Ms Perry’s version which is obviously rather buoyant. And yes, I know I’m kinda tardy to finally check it out, but hey, then again it’s better late than never 😛

Anyway, I think I haven’t talked much about my personal life for some time.

First things first, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011! I wish you all a fabulous year 😉

Well, I’m in the middle of fairly long holiday. It’s more or less around one month without college stuff and other whatnots. So yeah, I’m so thrilled by the fact that I have so much time to spare.

Oh yeah, I’m also so excited to tell you that I’ve lost 22 kilograms so far since last September and this year to give myself another demanding challenge (I love challenges! ;-)), I have set a new goal: another 20 kilos++ to lose and chiseled body to achieve. Hence, working my ass off even harder is a must here, I’ve gotta step up to the plate. It sounds hard, doesn’t it? Heck yeah, tell me about it 3-| However, I’ve started it out from scratch and slowly I believe in myself more and more each and every day. I know from the get-go it takes time because undoubtedly it’s a process, the major one. I never take it easy, but I don’t see it as something impossible. The whole process is gonna get easier gradually, but it’s not gonna get easy. With positive attitude and determination, I, actually we, can get a grip on it 😉

With the spirit of new year, new you, new everything,

Aldhin xx

p.s. I owe the one who constantly motivates me here every single day of my struggle BIG TIME!


One Comment on “every february you’ll be my valentine…”

  1. Natasya Andrea Putri says:

    haaa mau duummmzzzz turun 20 kiloooo

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