Girl Aloud?

“It’s not full Wimbledon montage, it’s one bloody game! Imagine how long a montage would be if there were grunts from every game o__0”


On top of that, when you play the video with the lowest possible volume, you can still hear her shriek very distinctly. Well, 100-ish dB grunt is considered ‘pretty normal’ on a daily basis when it comes to the three-time Grand Slam champion Maria Sharapova. No joke!

Lastly this footage can be rated as NSFW. Be mindful when you watch it, you may be assumed to be seeing porn or something related hahaha 😛

p.s. FYI, lion roars at around 110 dB. Thoughts?


Toe Stand

Kompas, April 24, 2011: Page 31

the one standing on the far right side of the picture is moi 🙂


Whatta Ref

Simply put, brilliant.

pic taken from twitpic, Round of 16: Germany vs England (4-1), 06.27.2010


Or in my case, command+z.

Well, whatever the shortcut is, it is undo LOL. [Up Next In Sports]


This is how Dolce & Gabbana presumably welcomes this summer’s 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa.

Exhibitionist match, isn’t it? It’s getting even hotter this summer, I assume.

Well, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana surely have absolutely damn good eyes as they chose those Italian football players to strip their kit off in the latest ad campaign for Dolce & Gabbana underwear. And thanks to Mariano Vivanco, internationally-famed fashion photographer who has contributed a lot to this Italian-based fashion house.

I don’t like football, soccer or whatever it is called, but one thing for sure is that it is not too shabby. All in all, presentation is somehow what counts needless to say.

Aldhin xx

picture taken from

I’m Wowed

Maria Sharapova, as you know, has taken tennis into a whole new dimension where her outfits have become some kind of omens. Thus, her sense of fashion is sort of essential technically.

Just take a look at her 2006 US Open journey where eventually she ended up as the winner. She made a huge sensation there by sporting little black dress (or LBD) as her choice of her outfit. Of course, tennis fans, especially hers, were wowed since no one had done so before; it was uncommonly outrageous and at the same time fabulous. She said that she was inspired by Audrey Hepburn + Breakfast at Tiffany’s in the process of designing it.

Maria Sharapova's 2006 US Open Dress

Or her 2007 French Open dress which was voted as one of the Vogue’s Top 10 Dresses of the Week. As what she said in a statement, “I got voted one of Vogue’s top 10 dresses of the week! I beat out many dresses at the Cannes Film Festival.” Although she didn’t win, it was still her best result in French Open; she reached the semis back then.

Maria Sharapova's 2007 French Open Dress

And now let’s move forward to 2010. She was ousted in the first round of Australian Open earlier this year. Damn, that was bad, the worst probably. I think her dress was too much, seriously. Just google it if you don’t believe it. And maybe it kinda contributed her loss there, sorry. However, many people have been talking about her dress for the upcoming Grand Slam, French Open. When I first saw it, I felt like it was absolutely another perfection brought by her. And if she gets things right aside from her dress, she will seal the victory proudly in it.

(Probable) 2010 French Open Dress

if the dress is worn...

It’s not officially confirmed, but one thing for sure is that it would be one of her best dresses she’s ever worn that probably might bring back her 100% form. Plus, I think that it is another Vogue’s-Top-10-Best-Dresses-of-the-Week dress haha. Good luck, Maria

p.s. I’m tired of seeing the lame version of her this year, so please don’t lose! Show us that you’re still a true champion!

That’s A Lot Of Questions!

I just browsed TMZ as usual and one particular post related to the former womanizer, Tiger [Woods], really caught my attention.

There’s nothing wrong with the beginning of the post which is the picture above. Well, the continuation kinda chokes me haha.

Yeah, I’ve never seen anything like that, at least that much. Poor Tiger, he should be featured in ESPN, not in TMZ like over the past few months since his car accident++*. I just wish all the best for him because obviously the golfing world needs him very much. We can’t just forget the fact that before all of these catastrophes, he was a role model for many people. Bouncing back is the one and only choice he’s got in order to regain his finest form.

*you know what I mean 😉