English – Islamic Religious Instruction – Indonesian Political System – Indonesian Social System – Communication Theory – Principles of Writing – Introduction to Journalism – News Videography and Postproduction

Above is list of my courses in the second term. I decided to choose journalism as the emphasis of my study for the next seven semesters or hopefully less hehe. First term went really well. I’m pleased with my GPA, it could’ve always been better though. However, I’m so excited for the next semester since finally I’m going to learn stuff related to my concentration. Most of the seniors said that journalism is considered as the trickiest compared to the other four concentrations: media and communications, public relations, advertising, and creative industries: broadcasting. Well, I don’t care as long as I get a chance to be able to dive deeper into something that I am fond of, even if it’s difficult, I’m gonna make an effort.

There’s no easy way these days,

Aldhin xx


A Novelty

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Jadwal kuliah saya jadikan desktop background pada laptop milik saya. Hmm, mungkin ini termasuk salah satu perilaku the so-called mahasiswa (baru) labil, tetapi toh saya tidak peduli. Tujuan saya tak lain dan tak bukan adalah supaya tidak lupa hehe. Very simple, isn’t it? 🙂

Doakan saya karena besok adalah hari pertama saya memasuki kelas perkuliahan. Deg-degan? Tentu, tetapi inilah yang sejujurnya paling saya nanti. Let’s just sit tight and enjoy the ride.

Semangat Ilmu Komunikasi FISIP UI 2010!

Aldhin xx

p.s. Bukan hanya itu, saya juga sudah synchronise jadwal ini pada iCal di laptop saya dengan BlackBerry saya. Mungkin saya terkesan berlebihan, tetapi ya itulah saya 🙂

So? I got in? How? :s

Speechless. Apparently it’s hilarious lol.

In Out

Make it work unless you want to be auf’d

Oh boy, college hasn’t actually started yet I already feel the pressure.

Comm. Studies

It has been two weeks, but I haven’t told you that I actually got accepted in University of Indonesia through SIMAK UI entrance test. I’m admitted in the Department of Communication thus communication studies is what I’m going to explore for the next ±4 years (hopefully less). Just wish me luck readers, since it means that I’m one step closer to my dream, pursuing the journalistic career 🙂 CNN, wait for me because the best is yet to come 😉

Anderson Cooper, I need your guidance lol.

High School Does End

Picture of the Day:

Alhamdulillah, I have become a high school graduate!!! That means I passed all of the exams that I went through a couple months ago. It is just so indescribable although I haven’t found out about my grades. Thank you Allah, my parents, my sister and my big family, and also other people who have supported me along this considerably very long journey, once again thank you so much. Thank you all for your prayers and best wishes.

Dan untuk teman-teman seperjuangan saya, angkatan 2010, yang unfortunately didn’t quite make it, selamat berjuang kembali di ujian remedialnya! I do know that if I can do it, then so can you! Go fight, keep the spirit alive!

Congratulations too for my fellow, fresh high school graduates!

Love you all ,

Aldhin xx

p.s. sorry for my gado-gado language LOL

Numero Uno

Saya masih merinding setiap mendengar namanya.

Kampus FKUI, Salemba: view dari tangga menuju lantai dua

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