A Very Early 2012 Wish

SoundLink® Wireless Mobile speaker

Gotta have it, like real soon! [Online Apple Store]


White Wii vs Black Wii

Q: “Which of the two do you like the most now that the Black Wii is now available (As of May 9th) in the NA?”

A: “White. Yeah I’m racist to Wiis, so what! I just have the balls to admit it!”

via GameTrailers.com

911! NOT…

How technology has changed the rest of us LOL. [GraphJam]

I am Macified!

Well well well, if you’ve read my previous post, to be macified, you must have known that I was not a mac user.

Now, I AM! Hahaha, yes it’s come true, I finally have got my own MacBook Pro. And this is my ever post typed on my brand new baby-boo hehe.

click to enlarge 🙂

Right the day before, I just purchased the 13-inch version, the 2.4GHz one to be more exact. I got the news from twitter that the new MacBook Pro family had been available at one particular reseller in Jakarta. Of course, I was absolutely dumfounded by the news and as a result I immediately told my folks about it and actually the original plan was to buy it today, not yesterday. But if you’ve known me personally, I am not a patient person to be honest, so I kept pushing them to buy it yesterday hahaha. And hell yeah, my mum and I went to the store and bought it. It was absolutely an indescribable feeling that I felt that day, there were like butterflies swirling around in my stomach lol. So that’s it, this is my first MacBook Pro.

So far so good, I’ve been enjoying it so much. And yes, I’ve been macified eventually!

Aldhin xx


Tough call. [Reddit]

Abercrombie & Fitch

my new baby

Yay, finally I own a blackberry hahaha 😛



I’m wondering what’s wrong with WordPress right now which I just realised. See this figure (click on it to enlarge):


Okay, it may seem okay, nothing wrong, but there’s something wrong actually. Here’s the problem (click on it to enlarge):


See? 0 BLOGGERS?!?! It’s usually thousands bloggers, not just zero. What on earth has happened to it? Is it just my browser or what? Is it gonna affect my blog later? Ohh, tell me if you know something about it! I hope it’s just some silly matter.

Aldhin xx