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the one standing on the far right side of the picture is moi 🙂



a rather good (cold) laugh :-)

And yes my dear friends, the correct answer is indeed my freezer


Anderson Cooper kissed by Lady Gaga

Anderson Cooper got a verily rare chance to spend the whole day profiling Lady Gaga for the 60 Minutes segment on CBS around two months ago. One word to summarise my feelings towards it: Jealous! Well, he is one of the luckiest journalists alive, man! One of the most hysterical footage that I found is this one:

And, you can see more videos here.

Aldhin xx

We learn. By heart.

“Will you be the same? The last time I saw you, you are the sweetest.”


Tiga hari yang lalu saya pulang dari kampus dengan menumpangi kereta pada sore hari.

Naik kereta bukanlah hal yang baru bagi saya, bahkan saya sudah pernah mengalami pengalaman tidak menyenangkan, yaitu kecopetan. Namun, yang ingin saya bicarakan di sini bukanlah hal tersebut. Kereta yang saya tumpangi pada hari Rabu silam kebetulan adalah kereta ekonomi yang sudah terkenal dengan ketidaknyamanannya. Wajar saja, toh harga tiketnya irrationally sangat murah, hanya Rp1.500,00. Harga berbicara, bung!

Hanya di kereta ekonomi pula Anda dapat menemukan berbagai macam penjaja, mulai dari hal yang biasa saja, seperti minuman, sampai hal yang dalam tanda kutip tidak biasa, contohnya adalah gunting bahkan pisau atau racun tikus. Benar-benar aneh, bukan? Pengamen pun tidak luput kehadirannya. Saya relatif telah terbiasa dengan keadaan tersebut, tetapi kemarin saya seperti mengalami pengalaman spiritual (dalam bahasa hiperbola).

Sore itu satu demi satu pedagang asongan tersebut melewati koridor gerbong kereta menjajakan dagangannya. Pengamen dengan kondisi yang berbeda-beda, anak kecil-tua renta, tunanetra-physically disabled, melantunkan berbagai macam lagu dengan cara mereka masing-masing. Saya tergeming hingga dua pengamen cilik dengan gitar mininya menyanyikan lagu yang di tengah-tengah liriknya menyebutkan:

“Satu hari makan, tiga hari kelaparan…”

Sontak hati saya terenyuh. Kata-kata yang cenderung simpel, tetapi penuh makna tersebut memecahkan kekosongan pikiran saya pada saat itu. Sederhananya, kedua bocah itu melalui lagu yang mereka bawakan secara implisit ingin menyampaikan bahwa kehidupan di Jakarta adalah keras, not to mention sulit, jika Anda betul-betul tidak memiliki “bekal” apa pun yang dipersiapkan jauh-jauh hari untuk menghadapi situasi metropolis yang memang sudah begitu adanya.

Life is short, go for it nevertheless! |ˌkärpā ˈdēˌem| 😉

Aldhin xx


English – Islamic Religious Instruction – Indonesian Political System – Indonesian Social System – Communication Theory – Principles of Writing – Introduction to Journalism – News Videography and Postproduction

Above is list of my courses in the second term. I decided to choose journalism as the emphasis of my study for the next seven semesters or hopefully less hehe. First term went really well. I’m pleased with my GPA, it could’ve always been better though. However, I’m so excited for the next semester since finally I’m going to learn stuff related to my concentration. Most of the seniors said that journalism is considered as the trickiest compared to the other four concentrations: media and communications, public relations, advertising, and creative industries: broadcasting. Well, I don’t care as long as I get a chance to be able to dive deeper into something that I am fond of, even if it’s difficult, I’m gonna make an effort.

There’s no easy way these days,

Aldhin xx


Well, we’ve all got dreams, don’t we? Since we were just little back then, we have made them up, at least one. In my case, what I wanted to become was pretty much a mediocre childhood dream. It was what most other kids typically dream of, becoming a doctor. It initially popped into my head when I was just five years old, I was still in kindergarten. I held onto it for so long, geez, I couldn’t believe it either for myself; moderately more than twelve years I solemnly tried really hard to chase it until… I had another desire. At that time, I was totally dumbfounded. I asked myself questions like, “Are you fucking serious dude?”, “Are you out of your mind?”, “Is it really something that I wanna do?”, “Is it only some kind of random fantasy?”. It sounds as if I made it a huge deal, but believe me it really was a huge deal.

Here’s the thing. You’ve had this longtime dream which means you want it so bad,  that you’re willing to do whatever, seriously whatever, it takes to grab it and secure it in your pocket. You refuse to let go of it, but all of a sudden, something else shows up. It’s basically like you’re cheating with your erstwhile dream. Yeah, I really thought so. However, after I had looked at this predicament very thoroughly, I found a silver lining thankfully. I no longer thought of it as ‘cheating’, but more as ‘blessing in disguise’. Why?

On account ‘something else’ that I previously mentioned here can be considered as backup plan that I can count on if ‘plan A’ sucks. As you know it’s more than complicated to describe in order to become a doctor. It obviously doesn’t take a no sweat attempt to get into one of the top medical schools hither and thither. Anyway eventually in my case, my plan A really did stink lol. I didn’t get into medical school, but hey, my backup plan worked out just fine 😉 I’m fully aware that I won’t be a doctor sooner or later, but I know I’m gonna be something else, something big. And FYI, I didn’t regret the fact that I dreamt so high because like what they say, reach for the stars so if you fall you land on the clouds.

After all, I’m exactly just like other human beings who have no idea what future has in store for us. Speaking of future, I believe it’s not only me who has experienced this kind of thing, namely two of my best friends. The three of us first met in the eighth grade of junior high school because we were coincidentally classmates back in the days. Both of them are girls which makes me the lucky guy here hehe. Oh yeah, I haven’t mentioned their names! They are Nata and Monez.

Well, Nata used to (or still) want(s) to be a chef and Monez whom I believe still wants to be a fashion designer. See? We have different ambitions until we are abruptly stuck in the same far-fetched major when we go to uni: Communications. Doctor? Chef? Fashion Designer? HA! Hence, it’s just side-splitting that at the end of the day we get something very different from what we wish for. On top of that, we never even think of it before, not even close. We still don’t know where it leads us to, but we just have to make sure that we do our best. That’s life, isn’t it? You can even say that it’s not what you sign up for in the very first place, but it’s just the way it goes. It may not be fair, but who are we to judge? Life, still and all, goes on.

“And you know what?… When you least expect it, something great might come along. Something better than you even planned for.” -Along Came Polly-

Aldhin xx