Calling All Future Journalists ;-)

Oh Anderson, I’d looove to work with you someday! I’m looking forward to that one particular day πŸ˜€



Anderson Cooper kissed by Lady Gaga

Anderson Cooper got a verily rare chance to spend the whole day profiling Lady Gaga for the 60 Minutes segment on CBS around two months ago. One word to summarise my feelings towards it: Jealous! Well, he is one of the luckiest journalists alive, man! One of the most hysterical footage that I found is this one:

And, you can see more videos here.

Aldhin xx

Comm. Studies

It has been two weeks, but I haven’t told you that I actually got accepted in University of Indonesia through SIMAK UI entrance test. I’m admitted in the Department of Communication thus communication studies is what I’m going to explore for the next Β±4 years (hopefully less). Just wish me luck readers, since it means that I’m one step closer to my dream, pursuing the journalistic career πŸ™‚ CNN, wait for me because the best is yet to come πŸ˜‰

Anderson Cooper, I need your guidance lol.

Give ‘Em a Break

Larry King has been divorced for seven times. And he is currently struggling with his eighth.

Anderson Cooper has a boyfriend he (probably) won’t introduce in public.

Well, the thing is that they are still awesomely great journalists; they both have their very own, widely known shows, Larry King Live and AC360Β° respectively which have brought journalism into a whole new level. They work in CNN, they earn huge paycheck, they have plenty of achievements and not to mention they have become well-known throughout the globe for what they have contributed. Or in other three words: They. Are. Successful.Β So what if they have something along their journey? More importantly, when that something is actually related to their personal life, give them a break! They still have privacy that should be respected. And I believe that Anderson Cooper has made it very obvious that he just doesn’t talk about his personal life when he was asked about his sexuality.

They work in CNN, not E! News; what they’re primarily concerned is plain fact, not some random rumours.

Aldhin xx

Renewed Look

Phew!!! Still remember me, guys? Haha, sorry for my nonexistence πŸ™‚ I’m a twelfth grader, remember??? LOL

Okay, I believe that this month, July, I only posted a few items here (eleven posts to be more precise, I just counted them haha). I’m, once again, deeply sorry about that; the circumstance that I’m in at the moment just forces me to write less here, sadly πŸ˜₯

Hmm, tomorrow is already August and it means that time is really running as fast as it gets.

First thing that I want to talk here is about the theme and the name of my blog. This time is teensy-weensy different that what I did in the past. My blog name is now: ” I docilely present: SHAMBOLIC WORDS “. Yeah, the header only shows, ” I docilely present … “, and below that I put the picture of SHAMBOLIC WORDS: spruce ’em up or muck ’em up, it’s your call. The point is, I hope y’all like it hehe πŸ˜€

Secondly, let’s talk about school. It’s been three weeks that I’m in grade 12. And honestly, I already feel much, much more comfortable with my classmates. Nonetheless, I still have regular get-together with my old pals in the afternoon, you know just to talk, gossip, laugh and else. My after-school tutorial has been started since last week, and I’m always extremely exhausted after the session. C’mon, you leave school at 3.15 PM and you still have extra lessons after that from 4.30 PM thru 8 PM, it is simply tiring. But, what can I do? I have to do it wholeheartedly to accomplish my mission. I just want to share it to you after all haha πŸ™‚

Lastly, I’m having second-thought about my future. I really do want to be a doctor, that’s why medical school is absolutely crucial and necessary. And like you’ve probably known, to get there without a doubt needs hard, very hard effort indeed. Lately, somehow I’m interested in taking linguistics major. Frankly, I’ve always been in love to learn languages. But then, I’m thinking about the career after that. The next chapter of medical school is of course becoming a doctor, that’s just fucking obvious! Linguistics? Well, journalist is the answer that I can think of. Just so you know, I also want to be an anchor in CNN after watching Anderson Cooper on TV a couple years ago, he seems very cool you know. Alright, alright looks like I dream too high this time haha. Or at least behind the desk of journalism world. Any kind of journalism as long as I can earn more than enough money to sustain my daily life; it’s all about money nowadays, only a fraud doesn’t agree with me, no offence. As I was saying, and I think that by being a journalist, I’m alwaysΒ  going to be up-to-date with the trends that happen at the very moment. That’s hot, I like the feeling hehe.

I’m very eager to chase my dreams, I’m hot hot hot! Watch out, people LMAO!


p.s I tweet less too in twitter 😦 How world can change us!

360Β° Loop

anderson cooper's book

I want to read it πŸ™‚

I’ve downloaded the Audiobook version, yaay πŸ˜€

(FYI, its duration is merely five hours)

p.s. when I’m already finished ‘listening‘ to it, I will write the review. And to be honest, I’ve only finished the first chapter and I’m already moved, touched by Mr Cooper’s writing; he’s a genius!!!