Dashboard Confessional LIVE in Jakarta, Indonesia

May 29, 2010; Saturday night around 9.30 PM until 11.00 PM

More importantly, Chris Carrabba sang Swiss Army Romance, the song that I have liked since probably six years ago :’)



I’ve been waiting for fucking six years and next month is likely once in a lifetime opportunity *gasp*

Sorry for my utter exaggeration :p (click the picture to enlarge it)

Double the Contentment

So, today I went out with my family to Senayan City to actually check out the annual sale of Gap and Banana Republic. Too bad that I slightly missed the good stuff. Yeah, I was kinda annoyed at first, but then what the heck? I mean, there will be, for sure, next time and I shouldn’t really think about it, instead I should be more focused on my final semester test that starts on Monday, the day after tomorrow.

Despite my disappointment, I still had fun you know. Moreover, I bought two CDs by an accident haha. Yeah, I was just walking around there and all of a sudden I recalled that I wanted to buy a CD, Crazy Love, Michael Bublé’s new CD. And also I bought the latest album from Dashboard Confessional, Alter the Ending. They’re quite effective in calming me down after my meltdown LOL! Here’s the album art of both of them:



Have a nice day, readers. Oh yeah, wish me luck for my final semester assessment, I’m so anxious. Whoops :s

Aldhin xx

p.s. I’m thankful for today 🙂