Set in Motion


Hello friends! Long time no personal talk citing my daily life; I think there has been no interesting things happen lately, then why should I share any? The thing is, accept my apology please, I feel a bit cheesy these days. So many old memories rush into my brain as though it were loaded by them. I don’t know why, but reminiscing the good ol’ days sometimes, at some points cannot be less perfect. Those things really put a smile upon my face constantly, surprisingly.

I am not the kind of person who is stuck, or even drown in certain past times. It’s just looking back makes me feel really grateful for everything that has occurred to me. Moving on is very easy in my point of view, it doesn’t take me a countless period of time to, but I always consider that moving on doesn’t really necessary mean completely forgetting. Those happy, sad, good, bad and other random things are what I’m made of; thanks to them, it is myself as you see nowadays. I don’t regret the smiles I’ve made, the tears I’ve cried, the mistakes I’ve done, and not to mention the curses I’ve explicitly sworn. Yeah, whatever dude!

At the end of the day, whether it is good or bad, you ‘re eventually gonna have rather a laugh at it, trust me.

Aldhin xx

p.s. nonetheless, I’m still into you no matter what :’)

Tale of Woe

You know what, I’m acutely shattered with all of the things that have been going on recently in my own life, from school conundrum to some personal matters. They’re just too much to handle by my own. I need help, SOS! Sometimes I just wanna scream as loud as I can to show everyone that I’m just jaded, fed up. But, I just can’t.

Sorry for the crap above. I’m just pissed off with myself. I’m just some pathetic son of a bitch. That’s all.

Well, this week, school absolutely has become my number one nemesis ah-bviously. Why? Only two things which are apposite as answers: exams and ASSignments.  The teachers just keep them cumming and cumming each day, they just like burst right at my face. I’m definitely beyond ready to hit the roof anytime soon. I’ve had enough, way more than enough. Next week will be the wickedest week I might say. MATHEMATICS, PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY AND BIOLOGY EXAMS ARE ALREADY ON CARTE DU JOUR OF NEXT WEEK!!! I can’t say anything at all as I’m just so stunned by this reality I must encounter. Perfectly gobsmacked. Gawd, what have I done until I deserve to be literally chastised like this?

Secondly, I’m broke. Real broke. I’ve never been in this kind of situation. I’ve only got badly a little amount of cash in my wallet. I force myself to save some, but I’m pretty sure it won’t work out pretty well at the end. I just hope it’ll work out this time. I just think of myself is being affected by the global economic crisis HAHAHAHAHA. My folks don’t want to gimme some extra cash because they think I use my money irresponsibly. They think it is used to buy some worthlessly spendy stuff. They’re quite right at some point, but I just can’t believe that they do this to me. Oh please dear Lord, open up their eyes, their concern, to realise that their son is in solemn economical misery! Amen.

The remaining problem is you who just keep me waiting, waiting for the uncertainty. Just tell me, I’d be pleased to listen to anything you’re gonna say.

Aldhin xx

Magazine’s Price

I wonder why, here in Jakarta, Indonesia, are imported foreign magazines getting more and more expensive each month? Is it because the tax for them is increasing? Why? WHY? Maybe I should stop buying them for a couple month but I just can’t, I’m already an aficionado of magazines, simply can’t live with ’em. Should I say hasta la vista to these:



Hey, why can’t the tax be decreased by any means? It shouldn’t be added that much. The original price is only around four American dollars!!! Why is it sold at the price of more than 10 bucks? It’s almost three times its original price. F*ck! Excuse my French. I mean, tax for imported novels are not big, it’s even tiny I guess. The original price of them is mostly 10 bucks and usually those-10-bucks-novels here are sold by the price of 12 bucks. See??? They only add two dollars for the tax. Then, why is it far different for mags? Is there any difference between the two? Is it cause magazines are absolutely colourful? I don’t know, but the tax admin should know about this.

So, please reduce the price! I’m still fine if the price is doubled, but now it’s almost tripled. Dammit!

Aldhin xx