This One or That One?

1. Local or Abroad?

Indonesia or The States

2. Veritas, Probitas, Iustitia or Lux et Veritas?


3. Scalpels or Scoops?




I’m wondering what’s wrong with WordPress right now which I just realised. See this figure (click on it to enlarge):


Okay, it may seem okay, nothing wrong, but there’s something wrong actually. Here’s the problem (click on it to enlarge):


See? 0 BLOGGERS?!?! It’s usually thousands bloggers, not just zero. What on earth has happened to it? Is it just my browser or what? Is it gonna affect my blog later? Ohh, tell me if you know something about it! I hope it’s just some silly matter.

Aldhin xx


Well, I just found out this amazing widget, Social Vibe, from Raanan Bar-Cohen’s blog. It’s basically a social website for us to show our concern to most concerning issues at the moment. What’s the best from this site is that we don’t have to donate any amount of money to show that we care. What you have to do is simply register for free and then select your cause + your desired sponsor and finally publish it on your social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook or even blogs like Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad and WordPress. Since most of us already use internet nowadays, it’s not a hard thing to do; piece of cake you know 😀

how socialvibe works

How SocialVibe Works

Since I’ve registered myself there, you can see my SocialVibe badge on the right side of my blog page. If you want to support my cause, you just have to click on the “Help Now, It’s FREE” button and then what you have to do is simply rate the video that you’re going to see afterward there and after that click Next and leave your name there plus your message, so I may know those who have helped me. It’s so simple, isn’t it? Your donation is simply your time, let your sponsor take care of the donation, so please support my cause for Charity:Water! Thank you so much, everyone 😀

Just a quick fact, one click on the “Help Now, It’s Free” button equals to 456 Gallons of clean water. Do I have to retype that? FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY SIX GALLONS. So, if you click on it, rate the video and leave your name + message, you’ve already given that amount of clean water by just sitting in front of your computer. It won’t take long, will it? I just think that it is already made as simple as this one and if you still don’t wanna do anything about it, you’re just not a human-being.

Aldhin xx

Magazine’s Price

I wonder why, here in Jakarta, Indonesia, are imported foreign magazines getting more and more expensive each month? Is it because the tax for them is increasing? Why? WHY? Maybe I should stop buying them for a couple month but I just can’t, I’m already an aficionado of magazines, simply can’t live with ’em. Should I say hasta la vista to these:



Hey, why can’t the tax be decreased by any means? It shouldn’t be added that much. The original price is only around four American dollars!!! Why is it sold at the price of more than 10 bucks? It’s almost three times its original price. F*ck! Excuse my French. I mean, tax for imported novels are not big, it’s even tiny I guess. The original price of them is mostly 10 bucks and usually those-10-bucks-novels here are sold by the price of 12 bucks. See??? They only add two dollars for the tax. Then, why is it far different for mags? Is there any difference between the two? Is it cause magazines are absolutely colourful? I don’t know, but the tax admin should know about this.

So, please reduce the price! I’m still fine if the price is doubled, but now it’s almost tripled. Dammit!

Aldhin xx

Purple Converse Shoes


GOSH!!! I am currently searching for PURPLE CONVERSE ALL STAR PLIMSOLL SHOES. I want it so fuckin’ badly, but I have no idea where to buy it. So, do you have any suggestion? ONLINE SHOPPING IS NOT AN ANSWER THIS TIME! Why? Because I want to see it for myself, I just want to go grab it. Gawd, please I wanna own this one! It’s not really expensive I guess. I saw one on and it costs only 33 quids or pounds if you ain’t a British lol. Help mee!!!