Hello all 🙂

I really cannot tell you much through this post. So little time  so much to do, you know.

Obviously, this week is examination week in my school. So far only English, German, chemistry, Islamiyat, art, mathematics and Japanese have been taken. (I successfully did my trick for Japanese test *grin :D* and surprisingly finished my art exam) So, the remaining science subjects are physics + biology and also mathematics: chapter of definite integral and its application. Phew, just hearing the names already makes me dizzy lol.

On Monday, we’re all Indonesian citizens will have national holiday because of the independence day commemoration. Plus, next weekend Muslims throughout the globe are gonna face Ramadhan month which means we’re gonna do fasting for the whole month. Okay, to be honest, I’m very excited every time this holy month comes each year despite the fact that we are prohibited from eating, drinking and doing any kind of sins. It’s just school finishes faster, real fast during Ramadhan, not to mention pretty long Eid-ul Fitr holiday. Hmm, it’s gonna be lovely, I hope.

Okay, that’s quick update from my daily routines. See you later, guys 🙂

Aldhin xx


If U Seek Amy

I never ever thought that holiday might get this boring. I mean, yeah everybody wants to have days off once in a while to relax from their hectic daily routines, but in my case I’ve got nothing to do during the time-being, therefore I’d rather to go to school to be honest. Drop dead boring, my current favourite words 😀

It’s been almost two weeks that I’ve basically just stayed home and there are still two weeks left. This is probably the longest holiday ever since I’ve enrolled to this so called strict senior high school of mine. Everyday I go to school and each time I always hope for days off, any kind of days off, I’m always looking forward to it. BUT, IT’S A BIG BUT, right now I’m totally stuffed with this boring holiday of mine. Well, if I have plan to go somewhere, go on a vacation, it will be one perfect holiday of mine. I’m not wishing for something like overseas vacation, I just wanna go out from my house, even if it’s just a mall, shopping centre, I don’t mind, baby.

For these whole two weeks, I mostly spend my day at home; if you don’t believe it, check this out:

8.00 am Wake up

8.05 am Have breakfast

8.20 am Watch TV

9.00 am Turn on my laptop, surf the net and such

11.00 am Watch TV

12.15 pm Have lunch

12.30 pm Either get back to my laptop or play PS2

2.30 pm Take a nap or continue the 12.30 pm doings

4.00 pm Take a bath

4.30 pm Either watch TV or get back to my laptop

5.30 pm Have dinner

6.00 pm Watch Wimbledon LIVE on TV (specific, I know)

1.30 am Sleep (finally)

Frankly, I repeat those boring activities all over again … *sigh* … Okay, maybe boring sounds a little bit dull yet harsh, I should have changed it into words like uninteresting, unexciting, uninspiring, or monotonous, yeah those words sound likely more polite. I may sound like I’m not appreciative of this holiday, but I am, am really thankful for this opportunity that God has given me cause I know sooner or later everything will be at its peak, its hardest.

Okay, back to the story, and also my cellphone is in my range most of the time for quick-updating my emails, twitter and facebook. Plus, if you take a look at the itinerary of mine very carefully, you may already know the fact that I spend almost 9 hours a day to watch TV; I can’t get any dumber than this lol. In other words, it means 37.5% or three-eighth of my day is allocated to that uselessly important ‘errand’ hahaha. Well, I’m not really dumb actually, in fact I’ve found myself a new formula which will probably change the rest of human-being’s live:

TV + Cellphone + Laptop = Current Best Friends For’hols’

I’m really happy though and those activities I’ve been doing reflect it very well as if I weren’t worried about my report card which I will receive this weekend on June 27; the day after tomorrow, isn’t it? Hell yeah, bring it on!

What about your holiday? Enjoy it too, buddy! Why? ‘Cause I’m sure yours is much, much more fabulous than mine 😛

Aldhin xx


Hell-ooo everyone!!!

To be superbly honest, I feel tremendously grandiloquent at the moment! Why why why? Do you wanna know? Well, bee-cause tomorrow is one day off!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! Although it’s only for a single day, I still eagerly welcome it 😀

Hmm, I haven’t posted anything since Monday. So, as usual, let’s just sum up what I’ve done since then, shall we?

Okay, on Monday finally I brought my new bag to school for the first time. Was it just me or what, but I think many of other students or even teachers and others, noticed it and stared at me as if I were carrying a bomb  hahaha. Yeah, I know that my bag is enormously spacious with the dimension of 33 cm x 53.5 cm x 18.5 cm plus a capacity of 32 litres. You do the math, ‘kay? Once again I promise you the picture of it, I’m sorry but I just can’t do that now; there’s some trouble within the bluetooth of my cellphone. So, be patient, if you really are curious to see it. Nothing special happened in Monday. Just school stuff mostly. Tedious, isn’t it? But, later that night, I watched Maria Sharapova’s first comeback match. Oh Gawd, I was amazingly thrilled to see her play again! Just a quick fact, she hasn’t played competitively since July last year. If you were me as in a huge fan of her, you’d miss her like mad too surely. Fortunately, she won the match in 3 sets; she won the first set easily with 6 – 1, lost the second with 6 -7 (she actually had a couple of match points, but she was just too nervy probably to close the deal), but eventually won the third set and also the match with 6 – 3 (she was trailing 1 – 3, but won the next five damn games in a row to seal the victory). Oh Sharapova, if you read it, I’d like you to know that I slept at 11.30 pm just to watch your first comeback match! And it was worth-watching! She’s gonna play her second-round match today, Wednesday, May 20, 2009 on 1 pm GMT. I’ve got to watch it, woo-hoo-hoo!!!

Yesterday wasn’t really nice at school. Actually, it went just fine earlier that day, but there was literally ‘drama’, yeah you decide what the drama means cause I think it’s a bit inappropriate to talk about it here. I’d rather to skip this part. Just forgive and forget, right? It’s forgiven yet not forgotten 🙂

Today, I had bloody fun at school; talking, laughing and such with my friends hahaha. I felt really well today at school maybe it’s because tomorrow is a holiday 😀 I’m looking forward to it since next week is going to be final exam week. The most fretful two weeks of my life (hyperbole lol)! Like ‘duh! Plus, it’s gonna be started by err, umm *clearing throat* MATHEMATICS. Yeah, damn right! Mathematics, people! Probably, I won’t post anything officially starting from May 28 thru June 5; my attention will be fully paid to the exams. Just wish me a grand of luck, readers 😀 Oh yeah, speaking of June, my birthday will be next month, yay! I’ll be seventeen years of age by next month hehehe. The most exciting part would be to finally get an official ID Card hahaha, funny eh? Yeah, I think it’d be strangely special for me haha. Enough about me, I’m getting sick of it already *kidding lol*

More posts (hopefully) coming up laters, dude! I’ve already got plan for tomorrow, I hope it will go just smoothly.

Ta Ta For Now, Aldhin xx

p.s. Ahhh, today’s holiday but there are LOADS of tasks to do plus PHYSIC(K)S EXAM coming up on Fuh-riday, beyotch!!! *I’ll pretend I never write this post-script hehe*

Why do all good things (read: days off) come to an end?

It’s Wednesday evening, people 😀 And I’m in a really good mood which is good because I felt ah-bviously not so well last week. But, it’s not like that anymore, short holiday has come to rescue me thank Gawdness. However, it will end soon, really soon like tomorrow hahaha. Whatever, I just have to make the most of it *sigh*

Let’s just have a quick peek of what I’ve done from Saturday to today.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

  • It was my mum’s birthday. My relatives came to my house to celebrate it.
  • My sister and I stayed over my cousins’ house.
  • Oh yeah, before the second point, we went to Senayan City. We tried out a new yogurt outlet there, Tutti Frutti. And you know what, it tasted so damn well. The combination that we had was: choco-raspberry yogurt + peanut-butter yogurt + random toppings. So, delicious, seriously, you should try it out sometime. And also, it is a self-service store, so you can make your yogurt just like how you want it 🙂
  • Plus, I bought a new flip-flop from Topman, it was on 50% sale. So, why not, huh? lol. It’s actually really plain, black sandals. But, hey, it was on sale! Hahahaha.
  • I stayed pretty late at night, watching He’s Not That Into You DVD, but I fell asleep in the middle of it. Sure thing hahaha!

Sunday, May 10, 2009:

  • I woke up early in the morning. Had french fries breakfast while watching Project Runway Season 5 Re-Run.
  • Oh yeah, I also watched Bedtime Stories DVD. It was just unbelievably pleasant.
  • I read My Stupid Boss book which was fantastically hilarious!
  • I spent my afternoon playing Teteh Icha’s Nintendo DS. Many new games inside of it.
  • And then later that afternoon, my folks picked my sis and I up to go back home.
  • I don’t remember what I did in the evening before I eventually slept lol.

Monday, May 11, 2009:

  • I went to my tutoring-course with my friend. The scheduled lessons were mathematics and physics. F*ck!
  • Before we arrived there, we had lunch at Mall Ambassador and I also bought Gossip Girl DVD episode 20-21. Wicked!
  • After the course, we went to my sis’s school to pick her up.
  • The rest of the day was spent like my usual days; went online, chatted on messenger, listened to songs, blahblahblah.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009:

  • This was the day I was looking forward to.
  • Why? Because I had a going-out plan with my friends, Gina, Afi and also Odonk. (you can click on their name, it will guide you to their very own blogs :))
  • I arrived first in Plaza Senayan and rushed to go to Marks & Spencer. I bought a bag that I’d wanted for quite some time. Yaaay!!! So happy you know, with the fact that no one had taken it yet. Maybe It was just destined especially just for me lol.
  • And then we all met in Sushi Tei to have lunch. Just so you know, it was the main agenda. It was really nice you know, we talked, we laughed and else. Just a total enjoyment there! Laugh was in the air! Hahaha.
  • I met my old friend from junior high, Sabrina. We accidentally met in Sushi Tei. It was really good to meet you again 🙂 Very, seriously, looong time no see.
  • Then, we went to Kinokuniya bookstore just for a refreshing. And like I said in my previous post, I’m a bookstore geek.
  • After that, we went to Periplus bookstore (See??? I’m a total bookstore dork!) and I bought a novel, The Clique. But, it is the Media-Tie-In edition so the cover is different and there are additional pages.
  • Gina actually had schedule for her Wall Street course so we went along with her to go there. Since it is in the building of Ratu Plaza, I decided to buy some DVDs. After that, we said our goodbye to her.
  • Finally, we all went home. Tired, of course, but I was so thrilled 🙂 Thank you all 🙂 We should do it again some other times.
  • I spent my night, watching Grey’s Anatomy episode 19 to 22. Heartrending *sobbing*. Please don’t let the future of Karev and Stevens end just like this pathetic, Shonda Rhimes!!! They deserve much, much better than make Izzie die.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009:

  • Okay, I know, today is the last day of the short days off. Sucks, goddammit!
  • I went to my course this afternoon with my friend but my mum and dad were the ones who saw us off to the course.
  • Before that, we all had lunch in Sederhana. I haven’t eaten Padangnese food for a while hehe.
  • We studied chemistry and biology. The teachers reviewed the first plus the second semester lessons. It felt as if I was never taught about those craps haha. I totally forgot all of ‘em, including the easiest ones. Call me daft, dumb, dull, or whatevs, I don’t care!
  • And now I’m writing the post for my blog, listening to songs and lalalalalalala. Get ready for tomorrow!!! Life goes on, right?

That’s all folks, my quick update. Enjoy your day!

Aldhin xx

Home, Finally :)

Wow, I haven’t written anything for almost a week, miss you all readers :’) Well, as I told you in my previous post, LONG HOLS, this week is holiday. Today’s Friday which means there are only two days remaining to kill.

Anyway, why haven’t I posted anything for a while? Just so you know, my mum was in hospital for five days -Monday thru today, Friday-. Yeah, this holiday wasn’t really nice because of that. But now, thankfully, my mum’s getting much, much better and it’s enough to make me smile 🙂 I had no idea to write because I thought there’d be nothing special to post. Gosh, I miss writing here hahaha.

This week, I spent my days in hospital (OF COURSE!), but I got a little time to go out somewhere. On Monday, one day before my mum’s surgery, I had a little time for a reunion with my old pals. It was a really good time considering we haven’t met each other for a long time.

Well, Tuesday was my mum’s surgery time. She was operated at 9 am and the surgery was successful, Alhamdulillah 🙂 At 11.30 am she was already brought back to her treatment chamber. My whole family was there, waiting for my mum’s surgery. That night Teteh Icha needed to be picked up from her English course, Wall Street Institute. So, Teteh Tata, my sister and I decided to pick her up. However, before that, we went to Pacific Place to have dinner. We had dinner at Ta Wan and we all had porridge and lumpia plus tofu as the side meal. Yum yum yum! We were in Pacific Place only to have dinner, not for shopping whatsoever, so we were there only less than an hour. Actually we didn’t plan to go to Pacific Place, we wanted to go to Plaza Senayan. However, because of the kuh-ray-zee traffic jam, we cancelled on that plan seeing Pacific Place is nearer from our sight. After that, we picked up Teteh Icha at Ratu Plaza where Wall Street Institute established. Gawd. I think I become much more attracted to join this English course after I actually went inside and saw it before my eyes how the learners learn English. Teteh Icha brought her Canon SLR camera because that day’s theme of her social club was photography. I was like shocked that an English course could be as enjoyable as that. Okay, after that, we all went to the hospital and Teteh Icha also stayed a night there, but Teteh Tata came home.

Alrighty, on Wednesday I think I didn’t go anywhere.

Let’s move on to Thursday. Well, I went to Pacific Place (again) on Thursday. At first, I planned to go to Plaza Indonesia, but I didn’t feel like going there. I left off at 11.15-ish am and arrived there around 12 pm. I directly went to Aksara to buy some magazines and novels. I was there slightly more than an hour (yeah, I’m a bookstore geek lol). After I payed all of my purchases, I went to Hot Shots Burger to have my lunch. Then, I had a little time to stop at some of my favourite stores before I decided to go to another shopping centre. I took a taxi to go to Mall Ambassador. I went there to buy some software for my PC, some DVDs, etc. After that, I went back to hospital and I arrived there at 3 pm. Thursday was quite exciting day out plus my mum was told by her doctor that she could go home on Friday *yaaay*.

Okay, so Friday‘s left to be told. This morning I got up at 8.30 am and missed my Fajr (morning) prayer. Shoot! After I got up, I looked for something to eat for breakfast. I decided to buy some food at the cafeteria realising that most food peddler outside the hospital should have been run out by that time. I bought fried rice for my sister and I. And then I bought some gorengan to eat besides fried rice. After I finished my breakfast, I helped my dad pack our stuff (because today’s the last day at hospital). It was quite tiring because there were loads of them as if we were going on a vacation somewhere else to another hemisphere for a really long time. Well, if you’re curious with how much they were, here’s the list: 2 suitcases, 3 backpacks and more than 10 large enough plastic bags (ups-a-daisy global warming alert! Saaahhh-reee!) See, there were loads. We finally left the hospital at 1.30 pm and directly headed home. Yeah, I missed my home very much although the Wi-Fi connection at the hospital was blazingly brisk 24/7 (I miss it already :)) Okay, so here I am, home sweet home again. Phew, school comes nearer and nearer folks! I can’t believe a week feels this fast. But, I kinda miss school you know. I might sound like I’m joking, but I ain’t. More posts laters, mates!

Aldhin xx

p.s. Finally I bought myself a new wallet!!! It’s Ermenegildo Zegna just like I’ve wanted!!! Pictures later!!!


Yaaaaaay, finally the most anticipated yet the longest holiday of all of the high school students in Indonesia, particularly in my school, SMA NEGERI 8 JAKARTA, HAS COME! Anyway, why are we given holiday(s)? Just so you know, the twelfth graders here in Indonesia will take on National Examination which later ascertain whether they graduate from high school or not. Good luck for every 12th grader across Indonesia, most especially to the ones from my school; hopefully they will get the best result, the satisfying one 🙂

After feeling so hard to move my ass to go to school for this whole week, the most effective pain killer’ has finally arrived to allay it lol. Nine fucking days to spend, to fool around, aaahhh it sounds fantastic. No studying, no school-related activities, hell yeah it’s just the exact  idea of perfect bliss 😀 Take a deep breathe people aaaaaaaaaaaand go have fun!!!

Enjoy your days, people 🙂

Aldhin xx

p.s. I think the exams will be waiting for us after the hols come to the end, nonetheless I don’t care, I just want to make the most of my holidays lol 🙂

9 to 12

Hello all! As I promised in the previous post, this one is the recap of things I’ve done from Thursday (April 9) to today, Sunday (April 12). Here goes the story:


Well, it was the national election day to choose party politics. But, I haven’t got the right to elect because I’m still 16, here in Indonesia we have right for election when we already have identity card which requires age at least 17 y.o. Whatever, I don’t really mind with the fact that I can’t elect lol. So, after my parents elected in the morning, we decided to go to my cousins’ house. At first we just wanted to stay at their place. However, Teteh Tata and Teteh Icha, my cousins, told me that Starbucks were giving away free coffee for those who elected. So, in the midday, we all went to Pondok Indah Mall, which we thought the nearest mall from Kalimalang where Starbucks is available. Since I still don’t have right to elect, I told my mum, who doesn’t like coffee, to give hers (coffee) to me. So, yeah, I had the coffee eventually lol. But, Teteh Icha told me that we could actually manipulate the staff; I wouldn’t do that though, I’m a good person 🙂 hahaha. After that, Teteh Icha wanted to re-straighten her hair so we all left her in a hair salon there. That was 3.30 pm and since then we went around to do some random things, eating, (window)shopping, etc. Oh yeah, I had sushi for my afternoon snack, yum yum yum! After a while of walking around, we checked on Teteh Icha in the salon. She was still far from finished. So, we continued walking around there until we felt excruciatingly tired from walking around and thank Gawd, finally she was done with her hair issue at 8.30 pm which means it took roughly FIVE HOURS to have her hair done. Phew! Before we went home, we, except me, bought Heavenly Blush yoghurt. I was pretty much tired and didn’t want anything more, I just wanted to go home lol. Then, on the way home, we got an idea to go away the next day, to Bandung. Oh my Gawdness, I haven’t gone there for long enough time. So, we only stopped for a while in my cousins’ house to pack their things; Teteh Icha, Teteh Tata and Aa’ stayed a night in my place. Then, we all went to my home. Why did they stay at my place? Because my house is nearer to Bandung than their house although it doesn’t really make much difference hehe. So, let’s move on to the next day, my Bandung trip!

p.s. I saw Torik, my chair mate, when I was in Pondok Indah Mall. But, I wasn’t so sure that it was him. I texted him to confirm whether it was him or not and HELL YEAH, it was him hahaha.

FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 2009

So, we all left off from my house to Bandung at 7.30 am, not so morning, but not so late either I think. Since we all didn’t have our breakfast yet, we stopped at the nearest resting area to get some food to eat. After we finished having our breakfast, we continued our trip. There wasn’t any traffic thankfully, our journey to Bandung was pretty smooth hehe. Oh yeah, we planned only to go around there in one day which meant we went home at night. Back to topic, we arrived in Bandung before 11 am. For those who don’t know, Bandung is the heaven of factory outlets so yeah, it’s like heaven on earth for shopaholics who want to shop cheap clothes and others. Our first stop was Rumah Mode. And yeah it was crowded but fortunately we still could find a space to park our car. When I entered it, I was like, “Gosh, this is it, shop ’till drop!!!”. I was literally drooling seeing those absolutely-so-cheap-clothing-items. However, when the clock stroked at 12 pm, my dad, my male cousin and I must go to do our Friday Prayer (I’m muslim, for the thousandth time I’ve said lol). I couldn’t complain, could I? Besides, it only took less than 45 minutes. Not so ruining my shopping activity, right? After we were done doing the prayer. we went back to Rumah Mode. We found out that my mum, my sister and my female cousins were already finished from shopping; they were sitting in a food court or whatever it’s called across Rumah Mode. They were waiting for us to have lunch. And then we had our lunch, I was quite hungry that time hehe. I ate rice (of course) with grilled chicken and tofu. Just after I finished eating my lunch, my mum told me that she found some cute shorts that’d probably available in my size. So, my mum and I went back inside Rumah Mode and directly I followed my mum to get where those shorts were put. After my mum found them, she told me to try ’em on. I went to the fitting room and I was more than happy to know that they were all perfectly fit in me, yaaaay! Then my mum payed for them. Then we decided to leave Rumah Mode and headed for our next stop.

Our second stop was Prima Rasa, a famous bakery, pastry shop in Bandung. We went there to buy some cakes and other snacks to be brought home. We were there for less than an hour I think.

Next, we left off for our third stop. We went to another factory outlet, Cascade, and shopped some clothes there. After that we went to another factory outlet, Heritage, which is side-by-side with Cascade. There I bought some items, but this time I paid them with my own money *smiling proudly lol*.

Then, we decided to buy other snacks in Kartika Sari to be brought home. It was almost 6 pm when we arrived there. We bought some pastries, cakes and snacks which were different from the Prima Rasa ones. We actually had plan to have dinner somewhere, but Kartika Sari was a restaurant too, so we decided to eat there. My dinner was really simple, fried rice haha. And finally we went back home slightly after 7 pm. I was really tired of walking, but really satisfied and thrilled. I fell asleep during our trip back home. And we finally arrived at my cousins’ house before 9.30 pm. And then my parents, my sister and I headed home from there at 10.15-ish pm and we arrived home at 10.45-ish pm. There wasn’t any traffic jam. When we arrived home, I decided to  sleep right away. So, that was the second day of my quite long weekend. Two days left!!! Let’s just move on.

p.s. This Friday, I was supposed to attend sort of meeting with my old friends to discuss our reunion. However, this Bandung trip was all of a sudden trip. So, why could I possibly pass up the chance of going away there? lol


I was basically like having a hangover from my Bandung trip. I was very exhausted despite being so refreshed, thanks to the shopping that I did the day before hehehe. However, I had to go to Erha Clinic, a well-known dermatology clinic in Jakarta, to have a consultation with the doctor. So, my parents, my sister and I went there at  9 am and arrived at 10 am, the doctor hadn’t arrived at that time. Just FYI, the appointment for the doctor was only for my sister and I. After waiting for more than half an hour, our names were finally called. Then, we went inside the doctor’s room and then we were examined by the doctor. The doctor was really satisfied with our faces which are better than last month. Almost flawless she said hehehe. Then, we waited for our prescription and finally we all went home just before 12 pm. Before we went home, my dad wanted to repair some fiascos related to our car. So, we stopped at his regular service station. I was extremely starving at that time because I didn’t have breakfast. Therefore, my mum decided to look for a food near the garage. And we found out there was soto ayam peddler. And without thinking twice, I ordered one. Just after I finished eating, my dad called me, telling that his car has been repaired. Wow, that was so fast, it only took more or less 15 minutes. I thought it was gonna be at least an hour to fix it. But, thank Gawd that it was faster than I thought. After that, we all went home and stayed home. Not so interesting I think, but the point is that it was still holiday yaaay! Okay, let’s move ahead to today, the last day of my long weekend.

SUNDAY, APRIL 12, 2009

Today’s original plan was only to go to Firman to have my hair cut. But, while my family was having breakfast, Teteh Tata called. She said that one of our relatives had her birthday party today plus my uncle, Papa Uwa, also wanted to have his hair cut at Firman, too. So, we picked up Papa Uwa and Teteh Icha at their house and headed to Firman. We were there until 12.30 pm and then we went to our relative’s house which is so close from Firman. When we arrived there, we met our relatives that had arrived before us. Then, we were there until 3 pm. Oh yeah, the birthday cake was so mouth-watering; it was originally brownies but the layers were filled with blueberries and frosted with kind-of cream and cracked chocolate. One word, delizioso! And the lunch was really nice too; the food was so good and we ate together which made it better hehe. So, we went home at 3 pm and arrived home slightly before 4 pm. Since then, I’ve been going online, surfing the net, writing this post, listening to music and waiting for tomorrow to come (I hope it could be slower cause tomorrow’s Monday. F*ck! lol). I really am lazy at the moment and it’s all because of the long weekend that I had. I don’t want to go to school this fast. But, frankly I miss my friends at school, especially *well, I don’t want to tell you this one hahahahaha*. So, going to school won’t be that bad, right?

That’s all the report of my long weekend. Sorry for the long post, myself is actually tired of writing this, but whatevs. Enjoy your day, people! How about your weekend? Share with me! Hahaha.

Take care, Aldhin xx

p.s. finally I’ve done typing this post *tired plus sleepy* haha. sorry if there are errors in this post, I was so tired.