Now and Then

I just browsed this thing called as “Top 24 American Idol’s of All-Time” on and I am pretty much surprised :O Curious enough? Here’s the list:

  1. Kelly Clarkson – Season 1 [Winner]
  2. Carrie Underwood – Season 4 [Winner]
  3. Chris Daughtry – Season 5 [4th place]
  4. Jordin Sparks – Season 6 [Winner]
  5. David Cook – Season 7 [Winner]
  6. Clay Aiken – Season 2 [2nd place]
  7. Kellie Pickler – Season 5 [6th place]
  8. David Archuleta – Season 7 [2nd place]
  9. Fantasia – Season 3 [Winner]
  10. Ruben Studdard – Season 2 [Winner]
  11. Kris Allen – Season 8 [Winner]
  12. Adam Lambert – Season 8 [2nd place]
  13. Jennifer Hudson – Season 3 [7th place]
  14. Josh Gracin – Season 2 [4th place]
  15. Elliott Yamin – Season 5 [3rd place]
  16. Katharine McPhee – Season 5 [2nd place]
  17. Bo Bice – Season 4 [2nd place]
  18. Blake Lewis – Season 6 [2nd place]
  19. Taylor Hicks – Season 5 [Winner]
  20. Kimberley Locke – Season 2 [3rd place]
  21. William Hung – Season 3 [Audition]
  22. Danny Gokey – Season 8 [3rd place]
  23. Diana DeGarmo – Season 3 [2nd place]
  24. Allison Irraheta – Season 8 [4th place]

Whoaaa, I really thought that Carrie Underwood would easily take home the first place, considering the fact she has won more Grammys than Kelly Clarkson, but in fact, the first American Idol somehow denied to be written off and managed to overwhelm the country diva to prove that nothing like the original, just like the old saying.


Get Off Your Duff!

no wonder she can smouth and smize at the same time now lol

  • A gulping USD100,000(++) Mercedes-Benz as birthday present from Mike Comrie (still considered as her boyfriend back then) ☑
  • A whooping USD1,000,000 engagement ring, 14-karat princess-cut sparkler, from the same Mike Comrie (already became her fiancée of course) ☑
  • An overwhelming USD10,000,000 home in Beverly Hills, purchased by the couple ☑

Well, now you’ve probably realised the pattern; the amount of money spent keeps multiplying by ten times *gasp*. I think it’s time to talk about the wedding or simply wonder about it. Is there any possibility that they would make the most expensive celebrities wedding of all time? And by ‘most expensive’ here, what I actually mean is ‘100 million American $$$$$‘! Hahaha, it sounds like a joke, doesn’t it? Yeah, absolutely, nevertheless, I’m not entirely kidding about this stuff because it’s just stupendous how he really cares about her. Seriously, this guy takes her as something pricelessly precious! It is really nice indeed everytime I see them on the media.

I’ve wanted to write something related to this couple since the very first time their engagement news broke, but I just had multiple ‘writer’s block’ periods, so yeah forgive me.

Way to go, once-upon-a-time Disney girl! It seems like fairy godmother has answered your prayer(s) now, Miss Duff. Maybe your Another Cinderella Story has become a reality now.

Enviable? Your call.

Is it THAT hard to be a celebrity?

Been a looong time that I haven’t checked out !!! I kinda miss many of his blabbering about celebrities (I often open these days and as you know, People won’t use any mockery in any of its articles).

And just before I wrote it, I’d finally surfed again hehehe. First pages were mostly full by Chris-Brown-beating-up-Rihanna news. And when I arrived at the third page, I saw this article entitled: “Has The Recession Hit The Beckham Household???” And there were two pictures of Victoria Beckham a.k.a Posh in two different occasions BUT wearing the same outfit!!! Of course it’s a huge news for people who know Posh; isn’t it like a HUGE MISTAKE to wear the same outfit TWICE in the world of fashionistas and especially GET CAUGHT by the media? But, who knows, right?

posh wearing the same outfit twice

same outfit, same shoes, same sunglasses, same watch except her Hermes lol; maybe she left it in her house hehe

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