Girl Aloud?

“It’s not full Wimbledon montage, it’s one bloody game! Imagine how long a montage would be if there were grunts from every game o__0”


On top of that, when you play the video with the lowest possible volume, you can still hear her shriek very distinctly. Well, 100-ish dB grunt is considered ‘pretty normal’ on a daily basis when it comes to the three-time Grand Slam champion Maria Sharapova. No joke!

Lastly this footage can be rated as NSFW. Be mindful when you watch it, you may be assumed to be seeing porn or something related hahaha 😛

p.s. FYI, lion roars at around 110 dB. Thoughts?


a rather good (cold) laugh :-)

And yes my dear friends, the correct answer is indeed my freezer

Battle of iTunes’s Album Artworks

Well, this picture tells it all, I’ve got pretty much nothing to say lol.

*Click on the picture to enlarge it. Its original version is in my twipic account 😀


Or in my case, command+z.

Well, whatever the shortcut is, it is undo LOL. [Up Next In Sports]

Elliot’s Crazy Dad Said (via Crazy Things Parents Say)

My dad asked my grandma what my mom was like as a child: Grandma: She was a whiner. Dad: She still is… Read More

What a correction haha

via Crazy Things Parents Say

Wrestling in Air Quotes

I’m not really an animal person, especially cats. However, this post is absolutely an exception because obviously this picture makes it too hard not to laugh at it 😛 [ICHCB]

It totally gives me a lolgasm hahaha