Give ‘Em a Break

Larry King has been divorced for seven times. And he is currently struggling with his eighth.

Anderson Cooper has a boyfriend he (probably) won’t introduce in public.

Well, the thing is that they are still awesomely great journalists; they both have their very own, widely known shows, Larry King Live and AC360° respectively which have brought journalism into a whole new level. They work in CNN, they earn huge paycheck, they have plenty of achievements and not to mention they have become well-known throughout the globe for what they have contributed. Or in other three words: They. Are. Successful. So what if they have something along their journey? More importantly, when that something is actually related to their personal life, give them a break! They still have privacy that should be respected. And I believe that Anderson Cooper has made it very obvious that he just doesn’t talk about his personal life when he was asked about his sexuality.

They work in CNN, not E! News; what they’re primarily concerned is plain fact, not some random rumours.

Aldhin xx