A Single Man

A Single Man is, personally speaking, inexplicably striking. It is indeed as sharp as Tom Ford’s suit collection. The entire cast did unprecedentedly good job there, especially Colin Firth as the leading role. The story just flows naturally as though nothing were plotted. That’s absolutely all that I can say after watching it, nothing much like a review I consider this post as haha. Just saying.

p.s. I’m currently looking for the novel version since many people say it’s kinda (or some say very) different from the movie adaptation. Curious O_o


Rodfaifah.. Ma Ha Na Ther

or in English: Bangkok Traffic love Story.

I just watched this movie on DVD and I totally recommend it for chick flick lovers 😀

And thankfully, its English subtitle was very well arranged so that I could understand the whole movie completely.

Cloudy with a Chance of…

Snoopy enough?
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Answering Machine

p.s. I love you

Denise Hennessey: Are you single?

Guy with Clipboard: Yes.

Denise Hennessey: Are you gay?

Guy with Clipboard: Yes.

[Denise walks away]

Denise Hennessey: [a few frames later] Are you single?

Ted: Yes.

Denise Hennessey: Are you gay?

Ted: No.

Denise Hennessey: Are you working?

Ted: No.

[she walks away]

– P.S. I Love You (2007)


Well, I know it’s already summer, I know it’s time for box-office movies to have been hitting the cinemas, but you know, I’m just too much a couch potato hahaha, sadly. Okay, as the swap, I still have a television and a DVD player at home so it’s not that fatal to not go to the cinema. Hmm, I’ve been doing TV series finishing-marathon and some films, of course, but only a couple of them which sway me the most. For reminder, I’m not a film critic, so don’t judge my taste of movies that I like, which by the way cheesy, romantic films will do me very well 😀

last chance harvey


Well, I wasn’t really interested in watching this one at first actually, but it’s Mr Hoffman whom we’re talking about. The main point of this film is that many things happen when you least expect it. You know, life is a box of chocolates, it’s full of surprises and also you’ll never know how they taste unless you give your damn shot to try. Plus, London is just too good to be the setting of this movie, seriously I thought that London would just be for one or two scenes in it, in fact for the whole. Two thumbs up!



Honestly, I’d tried to watch this movie twice, but always fell asleep in the middle of it. You know, the plot is a wee-bit boring, there are just too many stories in one theme. However, I made it eventually to finish it, you know when I finally understood how the story really moved. And you know what, I did not realise that ScarJo was in it and when I saw her in the first scenes of it I was like, “Isn’t that Scarlett Johansson? Eww!” But, never mind, I still love this movie. Okay, I watched it with my mum and she said that Bradley Cooper was such a man-whore, womanizer kinda guy in this movie; oh please with his look, I do think so lol, cannot agree more. I’d say this is totally tacky one, but in a good way. The ending, it’s pretty obvious from the beginning like any other cheesy, romantic flicks, but you know with a slight touch of unexpected events in it. The actors are just very familiar with hunks like Ben Affleck, Bradley Crooper, and Kevin Connolly (I won’t consider Justin Long as a hunk, his face’s just too funny to say so) and also with the ladies like Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston, and Scarlett Johansson. Okay, I guess that’s all.

Love your day, folks! Arrivederci 😀

Aldhin xx

Tiresomely Interminable

It’s been very hard to write anything here; the brainstorming part simply doesn’t work out. Have no idea to write. Empty. Nothing interesting to share with others, sadly 😦 That’s why I do not post as often as I did in the past. I still try my best to write here nevertheless.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. I’ve been meaning to tell you this one. I have finally made myself an account at Twitter! Follow me, people: twitter.com/aldhin (yes, click on it and you’ll see my profile!) And also you may see my tweet-updates at the bottom part of the sidebar of this blog.

Okay, quick updates seem okay this time since I haven’t posted anything since last Friday the fifteenth. Okay, on Friday, school was pretty fine by me. I had art exam; about perspective drawing stuff. My score was enough to pass haha. Define enough here hahaha. I don’t really mind especially with the fact that I’m seriously NOT good at drawing. It’s just not my thing. Any. Kind. Of. Drawing. Period. I enjoy seeing drawings, sketches, pictures and any other related art stuff, but to actually make one? Nah, I don’t think so. Okay, after art, I had mathematics. We still discussed about differential. We were only told to do some exercise. And surprisingly I did do it. Usually, with this Friday’s mathematics teacher, I never pay any attention to him, no offence. I’m just bored you know. Let’s move on, shall we? After math, I had religious studies. Luckily, the teacher didn’t come. Why do I sound so relieved? Well, there was actually assignment given the previous week and I haven’t done it (seriously, until now, the moment I’m typing this post now LOL). Next, I had biology. The teacher had some errands to be taken care of, so he just stopped by my class and gave us the students a video to watch. It was about abortion. For the record, it feels awful to see it, to see the procedure itself. It is just excruciatingly painful for the woman who does it and most especially  to the baby. I can already feel it just by watching the video of it.  I mean it’s just selfish you know to do that; killing totally an innocent baby who actually doesn’t even get a chance to live a life, to know how it feels to live outside his/her mommy’s womb. Unacceptable, isn’t it? Alright, it’s just an entr’acte to remind you all. Well, the last subject of Friday was physics. And it’d been scheduled the day before that it was the day for the test. The test was about thermodynamics. We all thought that the test would be a review for two chapters, thermodynamics and kinetic gas theory, but it turned out that only the thermodynamics was given as the exam. I was okay with that. There were only six problems given, it was an essay-typed. Just so you know, we all were allowed to use calculator, but the numbers of each problem were unforgiving; I was left light-headed by them lol. I finished it on time and I feel pretty confident about this one. Maybe it’s because I like essay-typed exam rather than multiple-choice-typed exam. Why? Because when it’s essay the teacher still can give you score even though you answer incorrectly; it typically occurs as long as you write anything on your answer sheet, you do the trick 😀 On the other hand, when it’s multiple choice, once your answer is wrong, it’s wrong; there’s nothing you can do about it.  Let’s go back to my story. Before I went home, I made a quick stop to Cheese Cake Factory to buy my sister a cake; there was no special occasion like birthday or else, she just wanted me to buy her one, shit. She just wasted my money and I’m in a recession as if she just pretended not to know this one!!! But, whatevs, it was for my sister’s sake. I just hope that Gawd will reward me with some unexpected things. Amen. So, that’s all my Friday precisely.

Okay, what did I do on Satuday? Hmm, boring I might say. I had to go to my school in the morning to take on extra lessons, mathematics and chemistry. I arrived there on 8.30 am the same time as the lessons were scheduled to start. But, my friend told me that it was pushed back ’til probably 10 am. I was like, Come awn! Why in the hell I should wake up early? I decided to buy some snacks and a bottle of water in the canteen. Then I walked towards the corridor of my school and found out that the room for extra lessons was moved. And instantly I entered the room with daze. There were already some of other students arrived. It was class for chemistry. Okay, after that we all discussed the given problems blahblahblah. It was done on 9.30 am earlier than expected, 10 am. Well, on 10 am past a trifle, the mathematics teacher came. And we did the same as the previously chemistry class. Then, on 11.30 am I went home with my parents. After that, I stayed at home ALL DAY! I was very bored-like, nothing to do but surfing the net and such which get lame and lamer each day. Until at night, I decided to watch movies on HBO as well as on the DVDs that I’ve got. So, Saturday ended quite gayly I guess lol.

Finally. we’ve arrived on Sunday. I started today waking up on eight in the morning. And then I watched Burn After Reading DVD just before I had breakfast on 9.30 am (quite late, wasn’t it?). After that, I watched the re-run of Project Runway Season 5. Pretty interesting despite already-knowing-the-winner factor. Oh yeah speaking of TV shows, I MUST watch the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy season 5; everyone had been talking about it obviously, on twitter, on gossip sites and others. Seriously I don’t wanna read any of its spoiler until I watch it before my eyes. I’m currently avoiding those news related to Grey’s Anatomy, pretty sensitive about it now lol. Let’s get back to the story. After watching Project Runway, I had lunch. Then, I played some games in my laptop and as of right now I’ve been listening to songs in my iTunes library, found some good songs that I haven’t played for quite a time, going online, browsing some sites, typing this post and so on. 

Well, I don’t have any plans for tonight. Maybe I should hit the bed earlier since tomorrow I’ve got school. Ahh, I never ever like the feeling of Sunday afternoon starting around 3 pm-ish because I already can literally smell school. I just totally hate this feeling. Yeah, it’s already 4.10 pm; it feels like this: goodbye Sunday and welcome back school! Aww, just suck it up, huh?

That’s all.

Aldhin xx

p.s. ohh, my eyes are completely threadbare! so are my fingers lol

Why do all good things (read: days off) come to an end?

It’s Wednesday evening, people 😀 And I’m in a really good mood which is good because I felt ah-bviously not so well last week. But, it’s not like that anymore, short holiday has come to rescue me thank Gawdness. However, it will end soon, really soon like tomorrow hahaha. Whatever, I just have to make the most of it *sigh*

Let’s just have a quick peek of what I’ve done from Saturday to today.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

  • It was my mum’s birthday. My relatives came to my house to celebrate it.
  • My sister and I stayed over my cousins’ house.
  • Oh yeah, before the second point, we went to Senayan City. We tried out a new yogurt outlet there, Tutti Frutti. And you know what, it tasted so damn well. The combination that we had was: choco-raspberry yogurt + peanut-butter yogurt + random toppings. So, delicious, seriously, you should try it out sometime. And also, it is a self-service store, so you can make your yogurt just like how you want it 🙂
  • Plus, I bought a new flip-flop from Topman, it was on 50% sale. So, why not, huh? lol. It’s actually really plain, black sandals. But, hey, it was on sale! Hahahaha.
  • I stayed pretty late at night, watching He’s Not That Into You DVD, but I fell asleep in the middle of it. Sure thing hahaha!

Sunday, May 10, 2009:

  • I woke up early in the morning. Had french fries breakfast while watching Project Runway Season 5 Re-Run.
  • Oh yeah, I also watched Bedtime Stories DVD. It was just unbelievably pleasant.
  • I read My Stupid Boss book which was fantastically hilarious!
  • I spent my afternoon playing Teteh Icha’s Nintendo DS. Many new games inside of it.
  • And then later that afternoon, my folks picked my sis and I up to go back home.
  • I don’t remember what I did in the evening before I eventually slept lol.

Monday, May 11, 2009:

  • I went to my tutoring-course with my friend. The scheduled lessons were mathematics and physics. F*ck!
  • Before we arrived there, we had lunch at Mall Ambassador and I also bought Gossip Girl DVD episode 20-21. Wicked!
  • After the course, we went to my sis’s school to pick her up.
  • The rest of the day was spent like my usual days; went online, chatted on messenger, listened to songs, blahblahblah.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009:

  • This was the day I was looking forward to.
  • Why? Because I had a going-out plan with my friends, Gina, Afi and also Odonk. (you can click on their name, it will guide you to their very own blogs :))
  • I arrived first in Plaza Senayan and rushed to go to Marks & Spencer. I bought a bag that I’d wanted for quite some time. Yaaay!!! So happy you know, with the fact that no one had taken it yet. Maybe It was just destined especially just for me lol.
  • And then we all met in Sushi Tei to have lunch. Just so you know, it was the main agenda. It was really nice you know, we talked, we laughed and else. Just a total enjoyment there! Laugh was in the air! Hahaha.
  • I met my old friend from junior high, Sabrina. We accidentally met in Sushi Tei. It was really good to meet you again 🙂 Very, seriously, looong time no see.
  • Then, we went to Kinokuniya bookstore just for a refreshing. And like I said in my previous post, I’m a bookstore geek.
  • After that, we went to Periplus bookstore (See??? I’m a total bookstore dork!) and I bought a novel, The Clique. But, it is the Media-Tie-In edition so the cover is different and there are additional pages.
  • Gina actually had schedule for her Wall Street course so we went along with her to go there. Since it is in the building of Ratu Plaza, I decided to buy some DVDs. After that, we said our goodbye to her.
  • Finally, we all went home. Tired, of course, but I was so thrilled 🙂 Thank you all 🙂 We should do it again some other times.
  • I spent my night, watching Grey’s Anatomy episode 19 to 22. Heartrending *sobbing*. Please don’t let the future of Karev and Stevens end just like this pathetic, Shonda Rhimes!!! They deserve much, much better than make Izzie die.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009:

  • Okay, I know, today is the last day of the short days off. Sucks, goddammit!
  • I went to my course this afternoon with my friend but my mum and dad were the ones who saw us off to the course.
  • Before that, we all had lunch in Sederhana. I haven’t eaten Padangnese food for a while hehe.
  • We studied chemistry and biology. The teachers reviewed the first plus the second semester lessons. It felt as if I was never taught about those craps haha. I totally forgot all of ‘em, including the easiest ones. Call me daft, dumb, dull, or whatevs, I don’t care!
  • And now I’m writing the post for my blog, listening to songs and lalalalalalala. Get ready for tomorrow!!! Life goes on, right?

That’s all folks, my quick update. Enjoy your day!

Aldhin xx