Bull’s Eye

“It’s tough to have certain goals because maybe if you don’t meet them, you might be a little bit disappointed. But you have to have a dream in order to have a purpose of when you’re actually working for it.”

—Maria Sharapova



“If it’s not right, it’s left.”


“Jangan sampai kalian dikendalikan oleh harta benda dan nafsu setan karena semestinya kalianlah yang mengendalikan kedua hal tersebut.”


Poor girl that she actually buys it. [Overheard in NY]

Fast Lane

I couldn’t agree more!

/via @jackmackenroth

Real World

Samantha: I’m always surprised when anyone leaves New York. I mean, where do they go?

Miranda: The real world?

Samantha: A homeless man showed me his dick on the way here. It doesn’t get any realer than that.

Finale of Sex and the City Season 4 (I Heart NY)

Lifetime Worth

…Living might mean taking chances

But they’re worth taking

Lovin’ might be a mistake

But it’s worth making…

I Hope You Dance – Lee Anne Womack