Lavish Varewell

you can expect things like this only from Ugly Betty

I just got time to finally watch the series finale of Ugly Betty which was originally aired like two weeks ago. Well, it was quite a wrap although it just seemed too fast to end it, at least in my point of view. Of course I’m kinda disappointed that it has already come to its conclusion since it was ultimately one of my favourite TV series, but you know, maybe it was just the right decision. And I think it was very creative to have an idea to shoot the final scene in London. Oh yeah, not to mention at the end of this episode, the big “UGLY BETTY” word showed up and then the “UGLY” word alone slowly disappeared which left the word “BETTY” stood all by itself proudly on the centre of the screen, illustrated like the below picture:

Last but not least, I’m going to miss it for sure :’) It was incredibly an exceptional show and it deserved a proper farewell which, I believe, had been done perfectly; no other possible ways to end it beautifully like so. And Betty Suarez’s behaviour plus her transformation are simply encouraging and inspiring. If she ever existed in real life, she would be one hell of a very big, strong influential person.

p.s. I didn’t mistype the title of this post LOL

++ For those who has absolutely no idea, Halston was Amanda’s dead dog put inside that Louis Vuitton duffel bag haha. And if you don’t know who the hell Amanda is, just google “Amanda Tanen Sommers” 😉


The Art of Breathing

“Inhale Ricky Martin.

Exhale Colin Farrell.”

Marc St. James of Ugly Betty