A Very Early 2012 Wish

SoundLink® Wireless Mobile speaker

Gotta have it, like real soon! [Online Apple Store]


I Wanna Have These …

5. Long Sleeve Stinky Rat Tee Marc by Marc Jacobs

mbmj long sleeve

4. Blackberry Bold or iPhone, either of them will be just fine (I’d be a phoney if I didn’t want those items lol)

Blackberry Bold - iPhone

3. Ben Sherman PU Messenger

ben sherman

2. Sony Vaio Z Series VGN-Z690


1. Nintendo Wii

nintendo wii

Bitchin’ about Stores

Well, it’s been a while that I haven’t browsed designers’ websites. The reason is mainly to minimalise my shopping desire. And it works out sometimes. So, just before I type this post, I browsed Marc Jacobs website. Many new stuff there!!! The shoes are just tempting, ahh!!! I was metaphorically drooling @_@ Gawd, why isn’t there Marc by Marc Jacobs store here? And also H&M and Urban Outfitters and Old Navy and Uniclo and if I let my fingers type, the ‘and’ will never come to an end lol. And for H&M, I keep my fingers crossed with the rumours saying that it’ll be available in Jakarta in August 2009. Just keep on hoping, waiting for the answer. Just so you know, I’m pretty bored with Zara or the so-called plain GAP or even Topman which is totally happening in New York at the moment because of the grand opening of its first store recently. Hey New Yorkers, I’m so beyond fed up by Topman! Eat that! Until Brad Pitt was featured in its US site, come awn! And here I am, wishing that H&M would be available here. Yeah, you all New Yorkers can make fun of me now! Hahaha. Oh, I hope one of those workers in H&M headquarter in Sweden read this post and he or she is touched with it. Ahhh, what a bullshit dream I’m having lol.


Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall Winter 2009 Men’s Collection

I’m so into that tote and the shoe is just feet-watering hahaha (click on the pic to enlarge)


This Matthew Williamson for H&M‘s combination is just purrr-fect!!! Love the top and the bag!!!

PLUS+++ it’s absolutely affordable!! (click on the pic to enlarge and see the price)

Oh yeah, there’s one thing left:


Trussardi 1911 Spring Summer 2009

I’d love to buy the bag(s) and the model *drool* hahaha (click on the pic to enlarge the picture lol)

I guess that’s all folks. I’m already too sleepy now to write more haha. Catch y’all laters!

Aldhin xx

Prada Spazzalato Leather Envelope

Well, I really do need a new wallet since my old one already looks literally old. Plus, it is starting to be worn-out. Anyway, this afternoon I browsed some sites, online shopping sites precisely, to find the wallets, any wallets.

Okay, days ago, when I went to Pacific Place, I came to Ermenegildo Zegna store and I found a cute wallet. However, the price? Not. Cute. At all. It was actually on sale; the price was originally around USD 850-something, but it was on 50% sale. So, it was reduced up to USD 425-something. Still expensive, biatch! lol. I desperately still want to have that wallet, I don’t care whether it’s replica or whatever as long as I have it. It’s not really special by any means. The design is very standard, very easy to copy lol. The important thing about this wallet is the Ermenegildo Zegna’s inscription embedded at the bottom right corner of it. That’s what makes it astronomical. Seriously, the design is no surprise, no biggie. Just a standard rectangular wallet. But, still, if anyone wants to buy me one, I’ll absolutely be honoured to have it hehehe.

But now, after browsing some stuff on the internet this afternoon, I changed my mind (a little lol); I finally ended up at SaksFifthAvenue.com . There, I immediately clicked on The Men’s Store section and then searched for any wallets from any brands. Then my eyes, my hungry eyes, caught this item:


Prada Spazzalato Leather Envelope

Gaaawd! Isn’t it sensationally cunning??? I felt as though I were drooling over the picture; it’s PRADA, people! It’s just fuh-reakin’ marvelous, me can’t stop looking at it hahaha. At first, I thought that it was for women because of the shape itself and the colour is absolutely red, BUT it was put in the men’s section. There are two available colours: Red and black. The red one is called the Rosso and the black one’s the Nero. Here’s the picture of Nero:


But, I prefer the red one needless to say. I think the colour is just totally stunning and of course fierce! Hot Red! Haha. Plus, the price is much, much, much cheaper than the Zegna one, this Prada only costs USD 195. Come aawwwnnn! It’s Prada and it’s less than two hundred bucks! Who doesn’t want it, huh? Well, the other specifications are:

Smooth leather wallet with an envelope-style design and  finely detailed metal logo accent.

  • Snap closure

  • Single compartment

  • 5″ X 3¾”

  • Made in Italy


    See, it really is a best seller! I MUST HAVE IT!!! I’d better beg my parents until they finally agree to buy me one hehehe. Mum, Dad, please lemme have this one, please? I’m begging you two, hehehe. I won’t take no for an answer, you know *still imposing despite of the begging side hahahaha*

    Aldhin xx

    p.s. Seeing this kinda thing really puts my mood back together hahahaha 😀 I shall be dreaming of it tonight in my sleep lol

    Purple Converse Shoes


    GOSH!!! I am currently searching for PURPLE CONVERSE ALL STAR PLIMSOLL SHOES. I want it so fuckin’ badly, but I have no idea where to buy it. So, do you have any suggestion? ONLINE SHOPPING IS NOT AN ANSWER THIS TIME! Why? Because I want to see it for myself, I just want to go grab it. Gawd, please I wanna own this one! It’s not really expensive I guess. I saw one on Topman.com and it costs only 33 quids or pounds if you ain’t a British lol. Help mee!!!