Calling All Future Journalists ;-)

Oh Anderson, I’d looove to work with you someday! I’m looking forward to that one particular day 😀


Girl Aloud?

“It’s not full Wimbledon montage, it’s one bloody game! Imagine how long a montage would be if there were grunts from every game o__0”


On top of that, when you play the video with the lowest possible volume, you can still hear her shriek very distinctly. Well, 100-ish dB grunt is considered ‘pretty normal’ on a daily basis when it comes to the three-time Grand Slam champion Maria Sharapova. No joke!

Lastly this footage can be rated as NSFW. Be mindful when you watch it, you may be assumed to be seeing porn or something related hahaha 😛

p.s. FYI, lion roars at around 110 dB. Thoughts?


Anderson Cooper kissed by Lady Gaga

Anderson Cooper got a verily rare chance to spend the whole day profiling Lady Gaga for the 60 Minutes segment on CBS around two months ago. One word to summarise my feelings towards it: Jealous! Well, he is one of the luckiest journalists alive, man! One of the most hysterical footage that I found is this one:

And, you can see more videos here.

Aldhin xx

We learn. By heart.

“Will you be the same? The last time I saw you, you are the sweetest.”

911! NOT…

How technology has changed the rest of us LOL. [GraphJam]

Yale Musical

Okay, I’ve wanted to post this a long time ago, but I just kept forgetting somehow lol.

college musical

Above is the print-screen of a video entitled College Musical which is produced by a bunch of Yale Students. It is an online musical series on YouTube. And you know what, to my surprise it is damn hilarious. A bit cheesy too I guess, but it is far better than those Indonesian TV series in which theme is also high school or college.

So far there have only been four episodes published. The actors are Yale students and the background is also Yale University and its surroundings. Cool, huh? Without further ado, why don’t check them out??? Here’s the link to the channel. There are other videos that may crack you up too inside. So, just check it out, ‘kay?

Aldhin, xx

Funny Videos from YouTube

Well, today, my chair-mate, Torik, showed me some crazy videos from YouTube. Those videos are parodies of famous songs. We watched them from my cell phone thru YouTube Mobile and we laughed our ass off hahahaha. It was insane lol.

First is Britney Spears’s WOMANIZER. It is incredibly HILARIOUS. Check it out here.

Second is Miley Cyrus’s 7 Things. And also it is so funny. Particularly that it’s not only telling seven things, but 18 THINGS hahahaha. Here’s the link.

Those two videos were made by VenetianPrincess. You should see her other creations of parodies, e.g. “I Kissed a Girl” by Katy Perry. And also she created many original songs of hers, like “Brangelina, Adopt Me Too“. There are still many in her YouTube channel.

There’s another parody video, teasing BeyoncĂ© was the centre of attention when Destiny’s Child still existed. It is a MAD TV production. Destiny’s Child’s song, Emotion, is used in this video. One thing that I couldn’t resist was the facial expression of the BeyoncĂ©’s look-alike. Magic! Hahaha.

The lyrics:

BeyoncĂ©: Commercial shoot’s done, they just wanted one today, anyway…
Who’d look at the other two, when you’ve got BeyoncĂ©?

Other Two: But what about us?

Beyoncé: Who says I need you?

Other Two: Tears on our paychecks…

Beyoncé: They come from my dad

Other Two: We’ll file us a lawsuit…

BeyoncĂ©: Better watch what you say girls, I’ll put your ass out in the street

Other Two: We’ll be eating government cheese
It’s just BeyoncĂ© who’s taking it over
Caught up in her image, lost in her weave
We’ll never sing solo, only the harmonies
We didn’t know that Destiny would have only just one child

BeyoncĂ©: Well don’t you know that Destiny has got only one spotlight

Other Two: Spotlight, spotlight, spotlight…

BeyoncĂ©: Spotlight, spotlight, spotlight…

Here’s the link for the BeyoncĂ©’s parody. Oh yeah, check out the related videos from this one, they are absolutely unbelievably amusing. There are Project Runway, where Heidi Klum is exaggeratedly portrayed by a girl with forced-heavy German-English accent, Desperate Housewives, which all of the characters are portrayed by men, Grey’s Anatomy, American Idol, High School Musical, and else. Can’t stop laughing mates hehehe.

That’s all folks. Hope those videos can brighten your day.

Aldhin xx

p.s. Some of the coloured texts above are links, so you can click on that to check ’em out. Cheers 🙂